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Veterinary Services

Pet Bathing

Treat your pet to a luxurious bath! Our special cleansing baths remove dirt, debris, and that doggie (or kitty) pet odor – leaving your pet feeling fresh and revitalized. If scratching is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that can help stop the itching. Our services also include nail trims, and we offer brush outs to keep your pet’s coat in top condition.

Veterinary Services

Pet Bathing in Dallas, TX

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When your pet needs a quick bath, nail trim, or anal gland expression, our staff are trained to provide these services in a manner that helps minimize any anxiety or fear for our patients. We also routinely encounter skin conditions that require more personalized treatments, such as medicated baths, ear canal cleaning, or sanitary shaves. We will always make every effort to keep your pet calm and comfortable throughout this process.