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Boarding Form

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In Case of Emergency

Special Instructions

If your pet requires continual medication, we will administer and additional fees will apply based on dosing frequency. If your pet is on a prescription diet, you may bring yours or we will open a new bag or cans and charge accordingly.


Please Note: All pets will receive a dose of Capstar upon admission to boarding to kill any fleas that may be on them. There is a per pet charge for administration of Capstar. If any other internal/external parasites are seen, your pet will be treated and charged ccordingly.

*Exception: Dogs currently administered Nexgard, Trifexis or other similar product will not be required to be given a capstar treatment.

If your pet becomes ill during boarding, every attempt will be made to notify you or the above referenced contact; however because your pet's health is important to us, should any problems arise, medical treatment will be administered and charged accordingly.

We make every attempt to keep pets clean as possible; however in a kennel environment soiling of a pet may occur. If this occurs your pet will be bathed and charged accordingly.

Please note that our facility is not staffed during non-operating hours. I consent to knowing that my pet will be unattended during non-operating hours. Please note that our building is not equipped with a fire protection sprinkler system.